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Types of Mosaic Tiles Melbourne

Thinking of mosaic tile installation? When talking about floor tiling, mosaic tiling in Melbourne is bound to be mentioned! So in this blog, you can learn about mosaic tiles.

Thinking of mosaic tile installation? When talking about floor tiling, mosaic tiling in Melbourne is bound to be mentioned! So in this blog, you can learn about mosaic tiles. However, before diving into the types of mosaic tiles, let’s first get to know some background of the mosaic tiles. Mosaic means an art, a design that is made up of many small pieces of tile. Because of the small-pieces-put together-look, mosaic tiles are used whenever there is a need for a highlighting feature or space in the aesthetics of the wall or floor.

Mosaic tiles have had an extensive history. In the beginning they were assembled from small and hand-cut pieces of stone, ceramic or glass which created patterns or pictures. Glass mosaics were first seen in Egypt 3,500 years ago which then traveled to India and Greece and Byzantine Empire and the West. They were so beautiful that they were prized for their decorative impact in St Mark’s Basilica of Venice. Mosaic art is famously seen in many catholic churches for mother Mary’s articulation. In old times, most churches had high walls and ceiling and few windows, the glass mosaics allowed the indoors of churches to be brightened with reflected and refracted sunlight.

Since mosaic art is an art composed of small pieces with a variety of colors and design and shapes and sizes, the choices and options can be infinite. So here are some types of mosaic tiles that you can choose from:

Natural Stone Mosaic Tile

Natural stone mosaic tiles are original mosaic tiles and have been in use for thousands of years for interior decoration because it gives more natural aesthetics to your home. Multi-color pebbles or polished marble surface on floor or wall, are all natural stone mosaic tiling.

Metal Mosaic Tile

Metal mosaic tiles are used when you want industrial or sophisticated sort of modern aesthetics. You can use these in any space of your home, they are available in various patterns such as checkerboard or honeycomb. The metal mosaic wall looks absolutely elegant and stylish and at the same time also simplistic. The surface is reflective hence it brightens up the indoors beautifully. Being stain and water resistant, they are also easy to clean and maintain.

Glass Mosaic Tile

Glass mosaic tiling is all about material and it is one of a kind as history is the proof! It has been thousands of years since the Romans used the glass mosaic tiling for decorative and aesthetic purposes and yet it is still popular and much admired even in the present. Glass mosaic tiling, like metal mosaic tiling, is also stain and moisture resistant. What’s more, the material is incredibly durable and also easy to maintain.

Ceramic & Porcelain Mosaic Tile

Ceramic and Porcelain Mosaic tiles are excellent choices in case you want to go for retro aesthetics. They have extreme water resistance, hence they are used mostly for bathroom renovations. They are also stain and moisture resistant. These tiles reflect cultural aesthetics wherever utilised.

The most remarkable benefit of the mosaic tiles is that although they are pre-set designs available, there are infinite possibilities to create a perfect design from various colors, shapes and sizes and designs, anything that you envisioned.

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