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Choose the Best Wood For Decking in Melbourne

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Hard wood decking is a type of exterior structure that has found its way into the hearts of Australians everywhere. Whether it’s a balcony or a single-storey, you’ll likely find a hardwood deck. With so many people adding their little touches, hardwood decks are also becoming more intricate and unique.

Are you looking to add an outside entertainment area that is open to the environment of your home? If so, decks are a common option that can be used. They are available for both modern and more traditional homes. They provide occupants with an entertainment space outside the home that is essentially open to the rest of the environment. There are various factors to consider while choosing a timber species. These include appearance, where the deck is to be located, ongoing maintenance requirements, budget and availability.

How to choose the best wood decking

1. Hard wood Decking

Though other varieties of timber decking Melbourne locals love have been around for ages. Other popular Australian hardwood timber species for decking include spotted gum and jarrah, which both have beautiful, rich colours.

2. Treated Pine

Most decking is made of treated pine. Both modern and historic homes can use it, and it looks amazing. People on a tight budget prefer it since it is less expensive than other types of wood. Both indoor and outdoor decking applications can employ treated pine.

3. Composite decking

For various reasons, composite materials combine wood and other elements and are an excellent option for timber decking throughout Melbourne. Composites continue to be a highly popular option since they are extremely weather-resistant, and the appearance may be completely customised.

4. Spotted gum

Designers and architects adore spotted gum, one of Australia’s most popular hardwoods that are spotted gums. It is popular for its attractive markings and grain structure.

5. Teak

Teak performs the best of all the hardwoods on this list. It’s easy to work with, tightly retains screws and nails, and it can endure up to 40 years in above-ground applications.

6. Jerrah

Jarrah is a hardwood that offers an amazing spectrum of colours. Admittedly, jarrah isn’t as affordable as many other hardwoods, but it shows a touch of class. The jarrah deck is an exclusive kind of deck that is also fire-resistant.

7. Merbau

Merbau is ideal for many homes, especially those that favour a more rustic look. This wood has a rich red-brown colour and an interlocking grain pattern that improves over time.

Budget and availability

Wooden decking has been used for hundreds of years to build outhouses, barns and houses. When creating a budget for your deck project, you’ll want to account for various factors, ranging from materials and labour to design and construction.

Much research and development had gone into understanding how wooden caskets and pallets were made famous by ancient architecture and their impact on the environment even before they became mainstream.


Though we didn’t review every timber species out there, we’ve given you the essentials of seven common and popular timbers. The choice among timbers will probably not be as easy, but with a little time and research, you should have no problem finding just what you want.

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