Biggest discount offer !! HURRY UP !
Biggest discount offer !! HURRY UP !

Welcome to Green Kings Landscaping

We blend the elements of nature & landscaping to create dreams.

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We build Lovely landscape for aesthetic experience of your property

Landscape Designers and Landscaping Construction & Contractors in Melbourne

Detailed, well-designed landscaping is always part of a great property. A well-kept garden shows that you really care about having an aesthetically pleasing place to live. With good planning to reference throughout the process, you too can have a beautiful garden.

Green Kings Landscaping


We have an experienced team to help you design the landscape of your dreams.


With years of experience, our landscaping designers are industry leaders in building exceptional landscaping.


After building your landscape, it is important to maintain so it continues to look beautiful.

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Residential & Commercial

We can create a plan that best suits your property, whether it’s residential or commercial.

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Landscaping Services

We can design, build, and maintain any outdoor space you might have. We can come provide a landscape service to your home or business with a custom plan for you.

Specialised Services

We offer all sorts of services. Our experienced contractors operate bobcats and dingos to move earth, trim trees, and remove unwanted shrubbery. We cover Melbourne and straight across Victoria with our services.

Other Services

Greenery isn’t the only thing we do. We can also handle creating a gorgeous deck or paving, and a water feature to compliment it. Pergola and pool designs in Melbourne are some of our bigger jobs. Reference our Services page for more information about what else we can do for you.

Aesthetics in the landscape

Welcome to Green King's Landscaping

For over 10 years, we have been planning, building, and maintaining beautiful landscaping throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

Using our landscaping services, you can add value to your home and create a better living experience for you and your guests. A lovely garden, intriguing patio, or relaxing water feature can have a special touch on your home.

Over the years, Green King Landscaping has become a respected name among landscaping companies serving the greater Melbourne area. Our knowledge of the industry and great relationship with contractors put us in a position to best serve you. Our team of Landscape Designer is eager to work with you to create an enjoyable outdoor space.

In order to go above and beyond your expectations, our landscapers take the time to listen to you and what you want to get out of your space. We work hard to create a strategy that works efficiently to achieve the final result that you want within budget and the set time frame. If you are interested in learning about how Green Kings Landscaping can build what you desire, we encourage you to get in touch, no matter where you are in Victoria. One of our experts will be able to answer any queries you might have!

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Limitless possibilities create

Quality Landscaping

  • Expert landscapers create a beautiful outdoor environment
  • Premium materials
  • High-quality standards
  • All types of projects, big or small

If you want to create a beautiful landscape for your home, restaurant, or other commercial entity, our team has the tools and skill to handle it. We specialize in all sorts of landscaping services, including paving, decking, pergolas, water features, and much more! If you already have the landscape you want, we also provide management services to help keep it looking its best!

Get in touch with us today to learn more or book a consultation for your unique project!

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